Paint Kit

Paint Kit

Our Paint kits are designed to accompany a virtual painting class. The kit comes with good quality brushes that you can reuse to create more paintings! If you prefer to create your own kits please email us for recommendations. (


Our Kit includes-


-3 Paint Brushes- large, medium and small. 

-Acrylic Paint- Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White

-Canvas- size 16"x20"

-Paint Cup

-Plastic Plate palette


  • Delivery Fee

    You can schedule a time to pick up your paint kit from the studio located in Oakville, or arrange for a delivery for a flat fee of $15 (within 45 km of the studio). If you are arranging a group virtual paint party we recommend a delivery of the kits to one address for participants to pick up from. This is a easy way to save on delivery fees!