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Our Studio Series offers virtual classes. This option is perfect for corporate team building exercises, group paint parties or private painting lessons. Our virtual classes are taught by skilled artists and range from absolute beginner to advanced. We use an HD camera system with a DSLR and microphone connected to Zoom which makes for a beautifully crisp image and clear audio. Check out our up coming classes! 


Our Wednesday Master Class is held at 1700 Mazo Crescent, Mississauga between 7-10pm. This is a self directed studio class with a periodic workshop led by either Dermot or Aisling. Students work on their own paintings using their own paints/tools. Your instructors guide each student as they develop their own practice. The only requirements for this class is using your own materials! All levels welcome to join! 

We offer 8 week packages for $240 and drop in classes are $45 per class. 


Looking to organize a corporate event? We offer a flexible class structure for these classes and allow for extra time for team building. Aisling is our team building expert and the ultimate ice breaker. Your staff will have fun, learn a new skill and enhance the general camaraderie! 



Our Studio Series also offers private and semi-private art classes. Are you working on a painting and need some guidance? Are you looking to try out oil painting and looking for a consult on materials? Let us know what you are looking for a we can arrange a class that suits your needs.  

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  • good quality paint brushes 

  • 16"x20" canvas (other size options available upon request)

  • paint (red, yellow, blue, black & white)

  • disposable palette

  • paint water cup


If you need painting supplies for your virtual class we offer paint kits. Check out our kits and delivery options. The kit includes everything you need to create a painting, from start to finish, in the comfort of your home. If you have already received a kit then you already have good brushes and probably some left over paint. If you are looking to do another painting we can help you find the right materials or send you a supplementary kit. You can find some recommendations on our YouTube channel or email us with questions. Our kits are carefully assembled and include the following..

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